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Building the Foundation You can’t crack open an egg with a hammer! Tesserac - Building the foundation

Website DevelopmentClick to expand and find out more about Tesserac services

In an increasingly online world, having a great website is essential to any successful business. You know you need to build an online presence, but you don’t have a website yet – or at least not a very good one?

Chances are, you aren’t a big technology company with a team of experts ready to help you build one. That’s OK!

There are a wide variety of options for small businesses who are looking to get online.

We can help you explore those options and find the right fit!

Messaging and CopywritingClick to expand and find out more about Tesserac services

What you say is as important as how you say it! Making sure you have the right messaging for your target audience(s) can be an immense challenge.

Experienced businesses sometimes need help making sure their messaging resonates with their customers. You want to highlight your unique qualities to show how they can help you serve your customers.

We can help you craft a unique positioning statement with a voice that can make you stand out from the crowd!

Design and BrandingClick to expand and find out more about Tesserac services

Your brand is much more than a great logo, fancy colours and graphics on your website, or a catchy tagline.

It is how you want the world to “see” your business. It is what separates you from your competition.

Creating distinctive branding that is both flexible and memorable takes careful planning. Branding can make or break your business – so having a solid strategy should be at the top of your business to-do list!

Getting NoticedClick to expand and find out more about Tesserac services

Failure to launch! You’ve got a booming business, but no website. Or you have a website, but it doesn’t fit your current needs (you have products, but your website isn’t capable of selling them online).

Either way, you’re not sure how to go about getting off the ground. Planning and building a website can be a daunting task.

With a solid strategy, you can ensure you’re launching the best website for you and your customers.

Our Foundation services include: 

  • digital strategy
  • audience segmentation and personas
  • designing brand guidelines and business templates
  • messaging and copywriting
  • planning and building a website

Open for Business Watching the clock isn’t going to make it tick! open-for-business

Figuring out MarketingClick to expand and find out more about Tesserac services

Having an effective website is one thing. Having the knowledge and budget to create a great online marketing strategy is another.

Sure, you go the traditional road and fork out a bunch of money for ads. The fact is, you don’t need a huge corporate budget to compete in today’s online marketplace.

You only need to know the tools available and how to use them. We can show you how!

Acquiring More TrafficClick to expand and find out more about Tesserac services

It’s a problem almost every website has – not enough traffic. But, not all traffic is created equal.

It’s not about the number of visitors to your website, but the quality! If your business relies on getting found locally, having a solid SEO strategy is only part of the equation.

Let us show you what you can do to drive higher-quality traffic to your website!

Creating ContentClick to expand and find out more about Tesserac services

You may be familiar with the phrase: “Content is King.” There is a lot of truth to that statement.

Content is everything you see and do on the web every day. It helps attract, engage and delight your visitors, hopefully brings in new visitors, and helps generate revenue.

Creating great content is an ongoing process that involves a lot of planning and strategy.

Learn how to keep your content fresh and targeted to your audience!

Lead GenerationClick to expand and find out more about Tesserac services

People are visiting your website, you feel like your content is on point, but you’re not generating any leads.

What gives? You know you could probably optimize your website to better generate and nurture leads, but you aren’t sure where to begin.

We can show you how you can use your website to start generating leads and increasing revenue!

Sales Funnel Planning and DesignClick to expand and find out more about Tesserac services

You feel like you’re doing all you can to nudge those leads into happy customers, but conversion rates aren’t meeting your expectations.

Trust us, you’re not alone! Anticipating what your customers want and being able to deliver is a huge challenge. Keeping them on board with your brand and coming back for more can be even harder.

Learn how you can build conversion funnels that help to grow your ideal customer base!

Sales ConversionsClick to expand and find out more about Tesserac services

Let’s face it, your business needs to grow in order to thrive. This means you need a steady stream of new customers, and you need to keep your current customers coming back.

Understanding how you can leverage your website to prove the value of your business is key to maintaining a growing customer base.

Business AnalyticsClick to expand and find out more about Tesserac services

How can you be sure that what you’ve put into your website is working for your business?

Are you set up to identify key business data and track that data? Knowing what to look for to measure success is half the battle!

Collecting the right information and turning it into actionable improvements is the key to using data to grow your business.

AccessibilityClick to expand and find out more about Tesserac services

As the spread of COVID-19 continues to physically isolate us, there has never been a more important time to make your digital properties accessible to everyone.

Did you know that people with disabilities make up a quarter of the population?

If your digital presence is not created with accessibility tools, many potential customers may not have any way to access your goods and services.

If you have an existing website, you can run this accessibility tool on it for free https://wave.webaim.org (WebAIM is a non-profit organization based at Utah State University)

Our Open For Business services include: 

  • digital strategy
  • creating blogs
  • videos & other content
  • search engine optimization
  • search engine marketing
  • social media strategy
  • paid ads
  • online business profile


Business Growth & Optimization Just reading reviews won’t make your fan mail grow! Tesserac Vancouver - Business growth and development

Customer RetentionClick to expand and find out more about Tesserac services

Did you know that it can cost 5X more to attract a new customer, than it does to retain an existing one? [source]

Converting one-time buyers into loyal customers is crucial to the success of your online business. It’s one thing to bring in one-time customers, but how do you keep them coming back?

Understanding what it takes to acquire and maintain customer loyalty is essential to any long term business strategy.

Improved User ExperienceClick to expand and find out more about Tesserac services

It’s amazing how fast websites are transforming and changing. In almost no time at all, a website can begin to feel out of date.

The experience users have while on your website goes a long way to creating and maintaining a relationship with your customers.

Create a better experience for your users by giving your website experience a boost!

Technology OverwhelmClick to expand and find out more about Tesserac services

Too much technology! If you’re like many businesses, you probably have a bunch of tools you use to keep your business running.

How much are you using those tools, and are they the right ones?

Identifying the right tools for the job can reduce costs and help your business run like a well-oiled machine.

Leveraging the Right TechnologiesClick to expand and find out more about Tesserac services

Still spending time cutting and pasting key business information into spreadsheets?

You may be trying to do too much manually, when there’s probably a tool to ease that burden for you. Often businesses aren’t aware of the technologies they can leverage to reduce manual costs and improve efficiency.

If there’s a tool that can help you grow your business, we can help you find it!

DisorganizationClick to expand and find out more about Tesserac services

Having a great website and all the best tools to support your business is wonderful, but what if you’re having trouble keeping track of it all?

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to become more organized and make your business more efficient and productive!

Communication AutomationClick to expand and find out more about Tesserac services

Keeping up with all the latest in marketing trends and tools is time-consuming and exhausting. You’d rather be spending time doing other things for your business.

Utilizing automated tools to set up marketing campaigns is a great way to keep customers engaged – and allows your team to focus on other efforts.

Targeted CampaignsClick to expand and find out more about Tesserac services

You’re already doing a decent amount of marketing, but how do you know you’re reaching the right audience?

You need to know the right people are finding out about your products and services.

Done correctly, targeting your marketing campaigns to your specific audience can help you turn leads into customers!

Digital InitiativesClick to expand and find out more about Tesserac services

Do you have an awesome idea for a course or learning initiative that you want to take online?

Learn how you can leverage the latest technology to set up your offering in a digital space, and begin earning passive income by sharing your ideas and passions with the world!

Our Business Growth services include: 

  • digital metrics and dashboards
  • search engine optimization
  • search engine marketing
  • online advertising
  • digital business profile enhancements

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